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Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated Hosting Server

If your company has a heavy resource-swallowing web site, or simply has very special server setup requirements, the most logical option would be a dedicated hosting server. You gain root-level access and can utilize 100% of the dedicated web server's system resources without anyone else utilizing these resources and interfering with your online portals.


Dedicated Hosting

Corporate sites, social networks and video sharing web portals are very famous and highly visited web pages that require a lot of system resources to run. The more visitors a site is having simultaneously, the more system resources will be required to tackle all the requests from the clients' browsers and to fulfill them. Therefore a dedicated hosting would be the optimum web hosting environment for such web sites.


Dedicated Server

If your business grows, you can move to a Virtual Private Server or to a dedicated server solution. These hosting solutions give you a lot more system resources and are a good idea for popular websites with a lot of traffic. If your online store has a lot of visitors, a VPS or a dedicated server will offer you the resources that a shared hosting plan cannot give you.


Dedicated Web Hosting

A dedicated web hosting server can be managed either by the web hosting firm, or by the client, depending on the concrete dedicated package. In either case, the party managing the dedicated machine has access to a software tool to restart it at any given time. Administration is done via a Control Panel user interface that enables you to supervise the processes running on the dedicated web server.


Dedicated Servers Hosting

The files on the dedicated server can be administered either via a Secure Shell (SSH) terminal or via a hosting Control Panel graphical user interface such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Hepsia, and so on. There are tens of hosting Control Panel user interfaces in existence and with complete root-level access at hand, the client can activate any of them.


Dedicated Servers

Corporate portals, social networks and video sharing web portals are very famous and busy sites that necessitate plenty of resources to function. The more viewers a site accommodates concurrently, the more resources will be required to handle all the requests from the users' browsers and to fulfill them. Hence a dedicated web hosting server would be the optimal hosting solution for such sites.